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TAGDit is a company with a network of experts (of their own lives) that allows you to own your database and market it with total data ownership and freedom. You will be in charge of creating the search engine with the information of your choice, and you will not have to depend on any other search engine to manage your data. Join a team that wants you to be an expert in your own data management!


Collect, connect, share and co-create information for innovation.


Gather high quality information using the TAGDit tools to upload, tag and sort your data.


Earn through your data storefront, where TAGDit connects you with buyers. TAGDit weighs, sorts, packages and sells your data.

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What we mean by an Expert’s Bookmarks

By Expert’s Bookmarks we mean the possibility of interacting virtually and securely with the universe of information sources. For many, data is an obsolete element that lacks financial interest. However, we know that the use of data is a fundamental piece in the world of globalization. That is why we have created this space.

The idea of an Expert’s Bookmarks arises as a way to give life and value to this source of information that allows us to understand the digital and global world, and, therefore, the need for new companies and people who join this network to protect and own their proper data.

We define ourselves as a network of experts that is able to employ AI operating systems to crawl and update web searches in order to identify, store, filter and classify every piece of information relevant to your company, your group, or your business, in a wide range of formats: video, image, document or drawing.

Expert’s Bookmarks is a proposal inspired by the magic of a textbook. Here we give you the possibility to move from one source to another in an intuitive way, as if you were turning from one page to another, and we make you an expert in the use of your data. Likewise, here you will find a community of experts that will provide valuable information in each of your projects: scientists, entrepreneurs, inventors and artists with a really valuable source of data.

Our goal is to create a data consulting community where each member gives value to their data and becomes a living source of that can interact in real time with their partners in a free and democratic way, but with the guarantee of protecting all the information they share. In this way we, can weave links that open the doors to collaborative research.

In addition, you will be the creator of an independent data portal. Therefore, you have the possibility to combine the efficiency of artificial intelligence with the magic of human intuition. You yourself choose the algorithms that make up the AI. You can also choose what kind of information to evaluate. For this reason, what you get, after some time, is a well-articulated textbook, a research proposal or a business plan with a distinguished TAGDit seal of quality.

TAGDit is a group database app where you own your data and it earns you money.

TAGDit, a global individual and corporate data exchange (Dx), is a custom corporate libraries. In other words, is a space created for the protection, management and exchange of global, individual and corporate databases. We are leaders in the development and application of mathematical analysis in six dimensions. TAGDit and its proprietary algorithms for data processing include next-generation pagerank models. We are also pioneering the transformation and analysis of extra-dimensional data such as simulation (virtual reality), image analysis and black Scholes equation enhancement for financial technology and decision making, voting, as well as playing a key role in areas such as computer graphics, science, biophysics, psychometrics, software optimization research and other areas that would be beneficial to the future of the DaaS industry.

In order to guarantee the protection and exclusive right to market your information, TAGDit offers you a special database so that, as a seller, you can filter your digital signatures and thus avoid any illegal action related to the ownership of your data. In the same way, TAGDit collects the analytics of the expert’s digital signature and packages it for sale. Our service offers the buyer the possibility to know the bias of the data set at his disposal, and you can learn how he governs the information.

Living library

Like the Text Book of monsters from Harry Potter, imagine if books were alive!

Well before we get to that, lets start with employing AI to continually scrape the web to identify, store, filter and rank each relevant and trusted piece of information in a diverse range of formats including video, image, document or drawing. Let’s also employ AI to continually update and check references or add new ones…all by itself!

But it can’t be all A.I. There could be no intuition, real life experience or genius embedded in each Text Book. Imagine each book having contributions by thoughts leaders and domain experts, entrepreneurs, inventors and doers. Imagine the different perspectives and deep insider insights shared by each trusted contributor, as well as the value captured over the years from all who have authored or have read the book. Imagine each living book

A living book brings life to a text book or collaborative research space by combining the best human and machine intelligence into a living, growing and evolving knowledge system. You, the creator pick the algorithms that make the AI, governing its behavior and what type of information is valued. What you get, after some time, is a well articulated text book, research proposal or business plan with a TAGDit quality stamp and as many analytics as you want.