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Intelligent Command & Control (C2) Management System

Militaries of the future need the capability to both defend large territories against multi-domain land, sea, air, and cyber-attacks and to engage adversaries in battle theatres defended in multiple domains. Advanced battle management systems will require multi-domain command and control capabilities to gain advantageous tempo, speed, accuracy, and agility over adversaries. Key components of such systems are multi-level security, constant connectivity with all nodes and assets, and Artificial Intelligence for autonomy and for reducing complexity in a multi-domain operation.

TAGDit AI data software offers an existing data science/analytics software platform that can be customized to a client’s requirements, including security, centralized/decentralized/hybrid network topology, unlimited data rooms with patented algorithms for processing, filtering, and ranking data, and assigning a quality factor based on human social/machine variables for mission-critical applications.

Patented 6-dimensional data transformation algorithms are at the heart of the TAGDit Command & Control Architecture solution. 6D data transformation operates on all command and control data. By mapping complex 4D signals (3 space and 1-time dimension) into 6D space (3 space and 3-time dimensions), elegant conservation laws are invoked mapping complex problems onto one’s much easier to solve. The solution is mapped back to 4D spacetime. This allows 6D mathematical transformations to solve complex, time-consuming, or even intractable problems in 6D spacetime.6D mathematics can predict behavior in physical, chemical, quantum, relativistic, and biological systems in a way hitherto impossible.

What are the various ways that TAGDit and 6D mathematics can enhance continental command and control?

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Vector-Parametized C2 Data Quality

Data quality can be compromised anywhere along the Command and Control (C2) supply chain. The quality of C2 data gathered by each actor or machine node is affected by a number of soft human meta-variables such as skill level & profile, culture, emotions, communication, ethics, or machine meta-variables. These intangible variables contribute to data gaps in C2 systems. Our proposed solution is called Vector-Parameterized Command and Control System (VPCCS), an integrated hardware/software solution including big data, AI processing, and advanced GIS data visualization. TAGDit / 6D data transformations create a new meta-layer of quality vector information superimposed onto the ordinary C2 information layer, quantifying previously intangible C2 variables, and significantly increasing the predictive power of mathematical, C2 models.

Other C2 Properties

6D mathematics can create novel quantum message encryption to ensure the highest integrity for all high-security messages. Ensuring command and control personnel receive the highest quality information for life-and-death decision-making, and that management staff is able to assess the capabilities of field personnel to make the right risk level of decisions based on 6D psychometric measurements. In a large command and control data network with military assets spread across a continental theatre, communication failure can result in logistic challenges. TADGit data rooms assigned to each asset, equipped with 6D mathematics AI algorithms can detect communication failures and automatically switch to autonomous operation mode if necessary, while other nodes can detect and reroute for optimized information flow to deal with the disruption. Centralized command center TAGDit/6Ds can receive qualified data from all remote assets, while each asset has its own autonomous TAGDit/6D data room. TAGDit/6D can be used to create enhanced image processing and VR/AR functionality at remote sites as well as at the command center. 6D mathematics results in superior graphics rendering. TAGDit/6D vector magnetograph system is designed to image weak magnetic fields and processes using 6D mathematics to create a new spectrum for enhanced machine system battlespace awareness and space situational awareness.