Voting Pole

The Voting Pole is an outdoor, digital polling station that offers voters a new level of voter security. Physical security is provided by a 360° overhead mounted 3-axis, digital CCTV camera and long range presence and motion detector that insures the voter is alone when casting a vote. The user casts the vote through a pole mounted touchscreen interface. Detection of more than one person near the booth disables the touchscreen interface. An enclosed visor surrounding the touchscreen protects the UI electronics both from the elements and from intruding eyes, while optional fingerprint or biometric technology can uniquely record and identify each voter uniquely. A microphone and speaker interface, coupled with language translation capability and onboard speech recognition AI support illiterate voters. Data integrity is insured by encrypting results immediately with blockchain technology and transmitted via high speed wireless communications across the network for distributed storage and instant results. Finally, daylight sensors and smart LED lighting provides lighting automatically when required.

The Voting Pole is designed to our stringent industrial standards and rated IP66/67 and industrial temperature range, insuring years of reliable use. It comes in AC, DC or solar power models. The optional solar PV, LEDs, camera, sensors are all integrated into one lighting luminaire at the top of the pole and antennas are mounted at the top of the pole, insuring the best security. The voting touchpad screen can be padlocked when not in use. The Voting Pole is can be easily installed and wirelessly connected to other Voting Poles to provide a network of ecrypted polling stations.


  • Temporary urban outdoor voting station
  • Temporary rural outdoor voting station
  • Mobile voting station
  • Backup voting station
  • Solidarity community, gated community, intentional community, campus decision making system


  • Integrated LED, solar PV panel, battery solar PV controller, LED controller, sensors and camera
  • Built-in power management compensates for weather conditions
  • High speed Wi-Fi or cellular network
  • Tamperproof blockchain encrypted voting results
  • Long range motion detector
  • 360° digital CCTV camera
  • Daylight sensor and smart lighting
  • Programmable touchscreen interface
  • Microphone, speaker and AI speech recognition with multi-language support
  • Robust industrial design
  • 120 VAC, 240 VAC, 12-24VDC or solar power models
  • Backup battery storage to last for xxxx days
  • Industrial temp
  • Disassembles easily for shipping
  • Ground mount kit


  • CSA/UL
  • IP66/67