About TAGDit

TAGDit is an online data farming application for groups to collect, connect, share and co-create information for innovation. TAGDit offers the tools to harvest your data and a marketplace to sell it.

Monetize your Private Data

Our policy at TAGDit is to encourage the right to private ownership of your data. We do not believe that the big platforms should be the owners of the information. We believe that you, and no one else, have the right to privacy. In that sense, data represents a very valuable intangible asset, but its management can be difficult. That’s why we want to offer you the possibility to manage it properly, as well as the possibility to find a potential market that allows you to sell it freely.

Our online data farming application is a platform that allows you to select, filter and package data automatically, quickly and securely within a community of experts. In that sense, we work with a number of clients who define exactly what kind of data they are looking for. And it works very simply. You tell us what type of data you have the capacity to generate and we then put you in touch with buyers interested in that type of data. We also provide all the tools you need to help make your communication bridges a success.

Be part of our group of experts and turn your data into a source of commercial value!

Extract Valuable Data from your Group

TAGDit is a platform that allows you to collect your corporate, IP and psychometric data in a convenient database. The information is collected through tools for uploading, tagging and sorting the most relevant information. Our advanced algorithms take care of filtering the data through your intranet media. It then extracts the most important data and shapes it into an industry-standard format that meets your requirements. TAGDit turns the intangible into tangible metrics that are valuable to both your team and potential customers.

Tools to Connect Your Team

data sharing

TAGDit offers engaging tools to strengthen teams through information sharing and effective communication. The voting feature and analytics enable a better understanding of the group, and therefore assists with informed decision making. Tools include:

  • Data storage & sharing through searchable posts
  • Information ranking and capabilities to comment and update for quality data
  • Integrate with OneNote for web clips and data synchronising
  • In depth analytics and scoring of data
  • Storefront options for clients to ‘buy data’; ‘lunch & learn’; ‘ask an expert’ and ‘advertise to the group’
  • Question feature for group voting
  • Capability to transfer votes to a trusted member
  • Recurring question feature
  • Messenger
  • Calendar
  • Team news timeline
  • Regular team activities billboard
  • Connect live web cam/CCTV view
  • Internal crowd funding feature
  • Internal betting facility

Talk to an expert or contact us

Proper data management can be quite a time-consuming task at the beginning. That’s why we would like to open this space to solve all your doubts in a personalized way. Do you have any questions about the functioning and purpose of TAGDit? Do you want to market your data safely and find a communication bridge with other experts but don’t know how to do it? Do you want to buy a database and don’t know how to proceed in order not to be scammed? Don’t worry. We will be happy to help you solve all your questions.
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