About TAGDit

TAGDit is an online data farming application for groups to collect, connect, share and co-create information for innovation. TAGDit offers the tools to harvest your data and a marketplace to sell it.

Monetize your Private Data

At TAGDit, we don’t believe large, centralized platforms should own your private data, we believe you should. Data can be highly valuable, but it can be finicky. It’s only worth a lot if you know what you are looking for and have the right customer for it. That’s where we come in.

Our online data farming application is a platform to grow your data, harvest it, and package it for your potential buyers in the data marketplace. We work with a range of data clients who define exactly what kind of data they are looking for. You tell us what kind of data you can generate and we can connect you with buyers interested in your dataset. We provide you with all the tools to help you succeed, from your first questions, to collecting, extracting, formatting and finally, making the sale, no expertise required!

Extract Valuable Data from your Group

TAGDit is a platform to collect your organizational, IP and psychometric data in one convenient database. Information is harvested through tools to upload, tag and sort your data. Our advanced algorithms will filter through your intranet’s media, for anything and everything in your daily workflow that offers information. It will extract out the important data and shape it into an industry standard format that fits the client’s requirement. TAGDit converts the intangible into tangible metrics that are valuable to your team as well as to data clients.

Tools to Connect Your Team

data sharing

TAGDit offers engaging tools to strengthen teams through information sharing and effective communication. The voting feature and analytics enable a better understanding of the group, and therefore assists with informed decision making. Tools include:

  • Data storage & sharing through searchable posts
  • Information ranking and capabilities to comment and update for quality data
  • Integrate with OneNote for web clips and data synchronising
  • In depth analytics and scoring of data
  • Storefront options for clients to ‘buy data’; ‘lunch & learn’; ‘ask an expert’ and ‘advertise to the group’
  • Question feature for group voting
  • Capability to transfer votes to a trusted member
  • Recurring question feature
  • Messenger
  • Calendar
  • Team news timeline
  • Regular team activities billboard
  • Connect live web cam/CCTV view
  • Internal crowd funding feature
  • Internal betting facility