How to Integrate with OneNote

OneNote Clipper is an easy way to clip notes from any web page and add them directly to TAGDit.

Step 1: Install
Go to:
Select: Get OneNote Web Clipper for Chrome


Confirm by selecting: Add extension


Step 2: Sign-in to OneNote
Go to:
using either your Microsoft or work/school account


Step 3: Add or Select NoteBook in OneNote
Create a new notebook for use within TAGDit.

Existing notebooks can also be seen and selected here.


A selected notebook can be managed here:


Step 4: Sign-in to Integrations
Within TAGDit select integrations and sign-in using either your Microsoft or work/school account


Step 5: Select notebook to add

  • Select the notebook you wish to add
  • Choose which team you wish to add it to
  • Check the box


Step 6: Clip a Web Page
Select OneNote Web Clipper icon in the top right of your browser


Choose whether you would like full page/region/article/bookmark


Select the folder you connected with TAGDit Integrations


To save, select: Clip

This will now automatically be added as a TAGDit post and accessible to all those in the TAGDit team integrated with the selected folder.